Reply To: Can I reuse the same soil

April 25, 2022 at 4:05 pm #1037

I would not use the soil again I won’t don’t think I’ll ever reuse soil again because I just came off a run repllanted and I am having nightmares right now not only with the auto parts but with the 26 gallon totes I’m growing with.. The Coco core and and white stuff that I’m using had built up nutrients and my plants are fried burnt. I’m afraid I may have to throw in the whole grow. Not only is the soil to Rich but I was using Athena and I called them and they told me if I was having any problems to up my AC. That did not work it made it worse. And to boot my tank got to 80° one day no one told me that I needed an auto chiller if I was using a 50 gallon plastic tank like this I’m not real happy with auto parts system so far I love it that you don’t have to water my plants are dying and then I’m just don’t know what to do. In addition those trays are filthy I can’t believe it it’s only been four weeks and i.e. I hate it looks like I need to start all over. Really wish somebody was available to talk to you right now and it takes 3 different websites to sign on to write this email that’s ridiculous.