Reply To: Valve pot overflowing

August 28, 2019 at 10:12 am #230

Hi There,

We haven’t heard anything back from you yet so we will try and take you through some troubleshooting issues.

Please turn off the system and perform the following:

Remove the AQUAvalve in question and the nut on the nozzle, drop the bottom float and inspect the area where the water enters, ensure the silicon is clean and the area around it. If need be remove the silicon in the bottom float and clean, then replace.

Now once all is clean and put back together hole the AQUAvalve upside down in your hand and blow through the nozzle inlet without the collar being in place….. when you blow through no air should be escaping past the silicon…… if this happens the AQUAvalve will function correctly….. If you hear air ensure the silicon is firmly pushed into the recess.

Always ensure no debris is floating around the AQUAvalve such as perlite and also ensure it is firmly pushed onto the Tee section in the try.