Reply To: Air Dome Air flow Rate

February 18, 2020 at 3:47 am #311

Hi Josh,
I have a question:
i have 4 pot system, veg 4 months, sog, 350-450w led, co2 bag, air dome, good air circulation.
if I leave my pump Hailea 4chan max 10L/h ACO-9610 for 18/6h at minimum speed the ph increases from 5.5 tank to 6.6 – 7.0 under the pots EC 1.3. I see phosphorus deficiency hard purple red branches and purple veins under the leaves.
N / P / K / Ca / Mg / S / 105 90 165 60 50 65
I also tried to leave the pH in the tank 5.2 but it still exceeds to 6.5-7.0.
How much water/solution (ml) must always be under the pot ?

At the moment i have set up cycle timer relay 30 sec on 200 sec off to keep the ph below 6.5 under the pots (tank ph 5.5)
Please help. Thak you