Reply To: High-Frequency Fertigation and Autopots

April 18, 2021 at 9:10 am #808

Hello Josh. Similar question. I am currently growing 8 plants, 4 regular and 4 XL. 60%coco and 40% perlite mix (coco prebuffered and regular 5ml/gal of calmag on each fgertigation). On week 8 of veg I started noticing, the plant leaves getting droopy and several nutrient issues like phosphorus/nitrogen deficiency. Ive ruled out other issues and concluded that it is most likely due to nutrient lockout. So I started flushing with flora clean for all 8 plants and continued with regular nutrient dosage by top feed hand watering. In 2 days I’ve noticed significant improvement and rapid growth rate. Right now I am hesitant to hook them back on the Autopot system fearing the lockout issue would recur. I would like to avoid that if possible since Ive just entered week 1 flowering.

The issue is, the main reason I got the Autopot system is to allow me the freedom of not watering them everyday. Can I hook them back to Autopot, observe for a week or so, then if the response is still poor, maybe I have to go back to manual hand watering? Or do you have any other suggestions. Thanks in advance.