[Support request] Berkana nutrients and hard water.

  • May 15, 2024 at 10:56 am #1325

    Hi Josh!

    These are my following circumstances and I need some advice on how to proceed forward.

    I just bought a 1Pot system with 3 3.9gal pots. After reading the website and forums, I understand that with harder water you would want to clean out the piping and filter more often.

    In Germany, where I live, I have only access to 300-350ppm tap water. I have not the slightest clue of the chemical makeup of the water, I only know that this water has been a problem in past grows. For past grows I utilized distilled water and added Organic CalMag.

    Though, filling up a 47L tank with distilled water could be more costly than using tap water, which is why I want to ask advice on whether I should use my tap water or rather spend the extra money and go for distilled water with added CalMag.

    Other question I wanted to ask is your recommendations on the Nutrient Line I am using. I am using Druid Nutrients – Berkana line. They have their recommended feeding chart on their website for both soil and coco/hydro grows. I have been feeding around 1.6-2 EC like 3-4th week of veg. Do you think this would be too much? And do you recommend feeding heavier since it is going to last a longer time when the plant already goes into flower and uses more nutrients.

    Either way I am really excited on my upcoming grows utilizing the AutoPot system and just want some general guidance from a more experienced fellow to make sure this grow goes along as good as it can.

    One Love!

    May 15, 2024 at 11:00 am #1328

    Hi There,

    I’ve not personally heard of the fertiliser range you mention, basically as long as it stays in solution in the water you should be fine…. Don’t over concern yourself with the water people from all over the world use all kinds of water. Ec levels seem what most people tend to set at. Pop onto http://www.autopot.co.uk to see the videos and the catalogue…. there is also a very helpful forum on Facebook called the AutoPot Users Group…. join this too as they chaps there are very helpful too

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