[Support request] Canna Peat Mix A&B OR Green Planet 3 part & Using Enzyme Products

  • April 2, 2024 at 3:02 pm #1320

    Hi Josh,

    I’m looking at purchasing a Autopot Flexipot system to try for the first time. I’ve been debating nutrient systems and mediums for awhile and have not yet pulled the trigger on anything. I am considering either Canna Peat Mix A+B with 60:40 Promix HP/Perlite or using Green Planet 3 part with 60:40 Coco/Perlite. I’m curious if you would recommend Green Planet no matter what as it is a autopot formula or if you’ve seen good results with Canna Peat products.

    Secondarily, I asked Eric at Canna about using Cannazym with the autopot and he suggested top feeding it only. It is my understanding that top feeding can have negative consequences when using mineral nutrients in the autopot reservoir because the salts gathered above the root zone will wash into the root zone. I also prefer to avoid top feeding with this system at all to maintain simplicity with feeding and watering. My question on this topic is do you suggest using an enzyme product like Cannazym or Hygrozyme, and if so how do you recommend applying it?

    Lastly I wonder what your thoughts are on Cal-mag with Green Planet and Cal-Mag with Canna Peat mix. Sorry for the overload of general questions, I’m just trying to build up my basic knowledge.


    April 2, 2024 at 3:04 pm #1323

    Hi Riley,

    Both those products will be fine directly in the reservoir, I would suggest that you don’t over complicate growing and adding too many items in your reservoir…. Pop onto the “AutoPot Users Group” on Facebook there are loads of members here who are very helpful as we are based in the UK and not fully up to speed on all the products you mention, they will be very helpful… regards Josh

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