[Resolved] First time use – Overflowing Trays/Valves

  • March 1, 2021 at 2:28 pm #783

    Hello Josh,

    First off, thanks for having such an awesome support system. Reading through some of the posts and seeing your responses show you guys are attentive and care.

    I hooked up my AutoPot 4 Pot system, with only 3 pots. I am using the AquaValve 5 (black and grey) with the 12gal res. I turned it on for the first time last night and this morning there is some slight overflow on my tent floor (maybe less than a half gallon).

    I did ensure the Valves connected to the T holders in each tray. Two of them were a bit loose, but after reading a previous post, I figured it was okay as long as it connected to the T. When I opened the tray covers today, the 2 loosely fitting valves were floating, and the trays were over filled. The 3rd tray looked to be at a good level, but did have water under it, possibly from the other 2 flooding a bit.

    I have added a “wave maker” to keep the res water moving, to avoid bacteria, could this be the problem? I have turned off the res tap for now, i am not sure how to approach this one. Any ideas?

    March 1, 2021 at 2:30 pm #787

    Hi There, if you are in the US please have a chat with the chaps at http://www.autopot-usa.com they should be able to assist you further as I am based in the UK. Any further problems or you don’t receive the help you need please let me know. Please ensure that you have firmly pushed the AQUAvalve onto the Tee’s in the trays too.

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