[Support request] Leaking flexitank pro

  • January 18, 2022 at 3:45 pm #977

    Hi there,

    I have a new 400l flexitank pro (in the box for a few months in the basement) that is leaking.

    Setup seemed fine but once I filled it and let it sit overnight I found about a cup or two of water around the base.

    Best I can tell the leak must be where the black rim on the bottom meets the flexible wall. The water is pooling from underneath the tank. There is a small section opposite the drain where it looks to be away from the wall very slightly.

    How would I go about repairing that, and how secure would it be if I did?

    Cheers, Tony

    January 18, 2022 at 3:50 pm #982

    Hi There…. have you contacted the store where you bought it from…. are you also sure that the tap has been tightened correctly and are you sure that the collection of water over night is not condensation on the outside of the reservoir, this occurs when cold water is added to the tank in a warm environment. If you do discover there is damage they are under warranty as long as it is a manufacturing issue if the damage has been caused the warranty will not apply, you will need to provide your receipt….. please contact the retailer and I’m sure they will assist….. alternatively look at trying a bicycle tyre repair kit

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