[Support request] Using gravel bed in easy2go tray

  • July 25, 2021 at 11:19 am #909

    Does the Aquavalve 5 go on top of the gravel bed along with smaller pots, ie water level max is 20mm above top of gravel? Or should valve be on surface of tray, ie surrounded by gravel so plant roots have to go into gravel for water?

    July 25, 2021 at 11:20 am #911

    Hi There…. Please place the AQUAvalve and cover directly onto the tray not the gravel…. The AQUAvalve must be placed on a flat surface in order to perform correctly, please also ensure the tray is level, use a spirit level to check

    July 25, 2021 at 11:57 am #912

    Thank you for this but I am still mystified about ‘creating a 1″ gravel bed inside the tray’?

    March 16, 2022 at 11:28 pm #1006

    I assume the aquavalve cover should be surrounded by the gravel bed and the aquavalve inside is free to move up and down (open and close). Please confirm. Thanks!

    I just got the Easy2Go kit and I plan on using 1 gallon fabric pots on top of 1″ of gravel with a DIY rez tank.

    I’ve got the XL tray with a spring pot with the 12 gallon rez going successfully.

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